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By: Stacia Lance Gambrell

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How to Wear your Hair, with a Scarf!

Well old man winter isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon! Bundling up is the only option! But scarves can reek havoc on your pretty do’s! So let’s put some thought into what hair style you are wearing with what scarf you are wearing!

If you are wearing your long hair down, curly or straight, choose a thiner scarf. Keep your portions in mind. Your scarf is a secondary accessory to your hair when it’s down. Also to keep your locks neat, after wraping the scarf, make a section down the back of your head and pull your hair forward on each side (as if you are going to make piggy tails). This will also help with static and keeping it neat while you are sitting down, leaned back.
If you’re wearing your hair up or back, the bigger the scarf the better! Now the scarf is the primary accessory and won’t fight for attention with your hair.
If you have a bob, pay more attention to the texture of the scarf. The bob is a strong cut, so combine it with a light flowing texture like a loose knit or silk fabric.
If you have short hair, of course rock any scarf you’re in the mood for! My personal rule is the shorter the hair the bigger the accessories!

Stay warm, be beautiful!!!

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