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By: Stacia Lance Gambrell

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Go Away Split Ends

Preventing split ends:
-Regular professional trims, every 6-8 weeks (attempting to trim a little at home can result in more damage because more than likely your scissors are not sharp nor professional)
-Do not brush wet hair.  When hair is wet, it is extremely fragile. The hair shaft stretches and weakens, brushing causes it to snap and break.  Always use a wide tooth comb.
-Do not overuse heat tools or harsh chemically based products.

Treating split ends:
-Moisture!!! Your ends are spliting because physical and chemical stress to hair strips it of its natural oils. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and even a leave in conditioner or treatment to add back the lost moisture.
-Rinse hair in cool water.  Cool water closes and seals the cuticle. (also makes the hair shinier!)

Hide split ends:
-Style your hair with curls, tie up a bun, or braid.
-Hair serum or hair oil will temporally seal the ends.

Of course these are temporary fixes, get a professional trim as soon as possible so the split ends dont get worse, resulting in having to cut more off or breakage.

Stay Fresh!

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Small Boutique Fashion Week: how to

Here are the how-to’s for the hair we dressed for, Ashley Davis, Cut and Sew and Micheal Kouri, Nolan Kouri shows for Small Boutique Fashion Week

(first 3 photos, above post)

Divide hair into 5 sections. Top, two sides and split the back into two. Wrap each section around a 1” curling iron and after removing iron, pin into place for a set. Take down set and spray all over with hairspray. Back brush the hair underneath at the nape. Grab hair into a ponytail and then twist your hand inwards to make a twist. secure the twist with pins. Spray a shine mist to tame flyaways in front and then spray all over again with hairspray.

Here is a link to Ashley’s website which has some runway shots.

For Nolan Kouri, the collection was evening/cocktail so the hair was formal but with an edge. Buns were placed according to the piece the model was wearing. Some were up high on the head, some to the side and some centered in back. All of the hair went sleek into the bun and all the buns were big. Making the bun big and just slighty messy makes the look more edgy and not ballerina. To get the bun big, back brush or back comb with a wide tooth comb before wrapping and spray with hairspray before wrapping the bun. pin into place and then finish again with hairspray. One model for Michael, was Grace Jones inspired and did not have a bun. (see photos in above post)

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The Successful Shampoo

Someone recently asked me what my number one secret for great hair was. The first thing that came to my mind was the shampoo. Not only choosing the correct shampoo, but also the act of shampooing and towel drying your hair. With thousands of shampoos on the market all screaming for your attention, choosing the right one for your hair can be difficult. Forget about brands, commercials, and flashy packaging. What is most important is knowing what kind of condition your hair is in. Is it oily, dry, damaged, normal, healthy? Not sure, ask your pro! Pick the type of shampoo accordingly. (and yes everyone needs conditioner.) Wait! Dont jump in the shower just yet! First brush your hair, using a natural boar bristle brush. Make sure you feel the bristles on your scalp! Also remember than lather does not mean clean. There are amazing natural based and sulfate free shampoos on the market, they will not produce much of a lather. I use Eufora Pure Cleanse and add water to the shampoo in my hand before massaging it into my scalp. Make sure to scrub and massage your scalp, get the blood circulating and your scalp clean. If you feel the need, lather up a second time, if your feeling squeaky clean, then follow with conditioner and rinse.  After cleansing your hair, remember not to ruff your cuticle up with the towel, this will cause frizz.  “Wring” out your hair or pat dry.  Never brush your hair wet, hair has too much elasticity when wet and can snap and break.  Use a wide tooth comb instead! Now apply your styling products and have a wonderful hair day!

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How to Wear your Hair, with a Scarf!

Well old man winter isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon! Bundling up is the only option! But scarves can reek havoc on your pretty do’s! So let’s put some thought into what hair style you are wearing with what scarf you are wearing!

If you are wearing your long hair down, curly or straight, choose a thiner scarf. Keep your portions in mind. Your scarf is a secondary accessory to your hair when it’s down. Also to keep your locks neat, after wraping the scarf, make a section down the back of your head and pull your hair forward on each side (as if you are going to make piggy tails). This will also help with static and keeping it neat while you are sitting down, leaned back.
If you’re wearing your hair up or back, the bigger the scarf the better! Now the scarf is the primary accessory and won’t fight for attention with your hair.
If you have a bob, pay more attention to the texture of the scarf. The bob is a strong cut, so combine it with a light flowing texture like a loose knit or silk fabric.
If you have short hair, of course rock any scarf you’re in the mood for! My personal rule is the shorter the hair the bigger the accessories!

Stay warm, be beautiful!!!

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short hair trend by: Stacia (elle mag)

Short hair styles: 5 short hair cuts to try now

Get out of a hair rut, and take a cue from some celebrities this season by testing out one of these chic short hair cuts.

Short hair styles: 5 short hair cuts to try now

From sleek and sophisticated to artfully edgy, it’s time to think about losing some length this winter and trying out some short hair styles. Whether you’re looking for something totally new or an on-trend way to freshen up your look, there are several stylish ways to go shorter with your hair style this season.

“Winter blues can really get you down. Pick yourself up with a fresh short hair cut,” says Stacia Lance Gambrell, hair stylist at Lotus Salon in New York City and an independent stylist for editorial and fashion shoots, runway and the red carpet. “It’s the best present you can get for yourself.” She shares a few of her favorite short hair cuts to try now.

1. Chin-length bob

Balmain fall/winter 2012

Whether you go bold and boxy or tousled and textured bobs are back in a big way this winter, Gambrell says. A bob is one of those classic short hair cuts and we have seen many variations over the years but the chin-length style makes it easy to make a change that isn’t too drastic. “To keep your bob fresh and fun the length should be at your chin and the structure blunt,” Gambrell says. She also suggests adding eye skimming blunt bangs for a more dramatic twist. If you want to keep the style sleek use a sculpting product before drying. For a more relaxed look, work a light hold styling cream into damp hair and finger dry.

2. Cropped pixie
Balmain fall/winter 2012

We saw cute, ultra-cropped cuts grace the runways at Rag & Bone, Lanvin and Giambattista Valli to name a few, giving us the impression that the shorter the better this winter. “If you are feeling really adventurous this season you should try a cropped pixie and go short all over,” Gambrell says. “Go for something reminiscent of Twiggy’s famous pixie cut from the 1960s or Mia Farrow’s look from the movie Rosemary’s Baby .” For more modern inspiration look no further than Harry Potter alumni and burgeoning fashionista Emma Watson. Other celebrities who have tried out variations of the updated pixie include Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams and model Agyness Deyn, who brought the look back into the style spotlight when she burst onto the fashion scene several years ago.

3. Asymmetrical cut
Elie Saab fall/winter 2012

Change things up with your strands this winter by going asymmetrical. “One of my favorite short hair cuts is when the sides are cut very short and the top section is left long. Rihanna is the queen of this look,” Gambrell says. The length on the top can vary from shoulder length to just inches long but the key is to ensure the sides are much shorter than the top. “This is my favorite shorter cut because the length on top gives you lots of versatility with styling,” she explains. To maximize the style potential of this look use a product that will help create texture and boost volume.

Gambrell suggests using Eufora Powder Lift for texture and volume and finishing with the line’s Illuminate Shine Mist for silky light weight shine.

4. Short disconnected cut
Isabel Marant fall/winter 2012

The distinguishing characteristic of this short hair cut is that a disconnected short hair cut has various lengths that occur within the style, making it almost like having two (or more) cuts in one since the different lengths are not blended together (think of Victoria Beckham when she was growing out her “Pob” a few years ago). Because of this, disconnected cuts typically have lots of and flow and movement. “A disconnected cut has extreme lengths within the same cut that are obvious. They are great for someone who likes to wash and go because a messy tousled texture works well with the cut,” Gambrell says.

5. Short bangs
John Galliano spring/summer 2012

If you’re not sure about taking off too much length, another great new short hair trend to try this season is short bangs, Gambrell says. “Short bangs make big statements. Think Mia Farrow. They will transform any cut and are fun and daring.” You want short bangs to be sit fairly close on the forehead. The look is striking and sophisticated while maintaining a youthful energy.

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By Jessica Padykula Photography

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Winter blues can really get you down, pick yourself up with a fresh short haircut! It’s the best present you can get for yourself! Here are a few of my favorite short hair trends to try:
Chin-length bob. Bob is always a classic cut. We have seen many variations over the years. To keep your bob fresh and fun, the length should be at your chin and the structure blunt. Also add eye skimming blunt bangs. Keep the style sleek by using a sculpting glaze before drying!
If your are feeling really adventurous  this season you should try a cropped pixie! Short all over!  Reminiscent  of Twiggy’s famous pixie cut or Mia Farrow’s from the movie Rosemary’s baby.
One of my favorite short hair trends  is when the sides are cut very short and the top section is left long. The length on the top can vary from shoulder length to just inches long. Just so the the sides are much shorter than the top. This is my favorite cut because the length on top gives you lots of versatility with styling.
Another great new short hair style to wear is short bangs. Short bangs make big statements. They will transform any cut and are lots of fun! I will suggest against them if your hair has strong growth patterns in the fringe. Along with the short bangs, try a disconnected cut. They are great for someone who likes to wash and go because a messy tousled texture works well with the cut.

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Spring Trend Watch

One of the biggest hair trends to wear in 2012 is the wet look.  The key is to look as if you steped out of the shower and onto the runway.  The wet look was seen in several spring runway shows from Bottega Veneta to Alexander Wang.  I am already seeing it on the streets of NYC. (Ashley Olsen was spotted with the wet look).
Of course acheiving this look requires a little more than just a shower.  Here are some tips to get you there.
You dont have to start with wet hair, in fact dry or towel dried hair is the starting point.
After the roots are dry (ends can be a little damp), apply a texture or volume product, like Eufora Touch Up, to the roots.  Next using a hair oil (such as Eufora Beautyifing Serum, Sedu Argon oil, or Moroccan oil), apply to the mid shaft to ends.  Don’t worry about over use of product, you are trying to acheive a wet, hassle free look.  After the texture product at the roots, and the hair oil on the ends, you can be done or you can pull it back into a carefree chignon or braid. After that, slip on your little black dress, apply your makeup a little more dramatic than usual and go! The easy look of the hair contrasted with a simple dress and dramatic makeup really finishes this look! 

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